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Profi Tours Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 00359 550 3533; Phone number for reservations: +359 879 09 23 64
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Princess Residence Hotel - address and map location

Address of Princess Residence Hotel - Kiten

Address: Kraibrejna str, Kiten 8183

Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 00359 550 3533

Phone number for reservations *: +359 879 09 23 64 - We speak English

* All hotel accommodation prices on this website are valid only for bookings, made online or at the reservation phones of Profi Tours Ltd, listed above.

Hotel location:

The new-found hotel is situated in 60 kilometres southern of Bourgas and about 75 kilometres far from Sarafovo airport.For those who like to party, PRINCESS RESIDENCE HOTEL is in the middle of the night life in Kiten.The most famous disco clubs of the bulgarian southern coasts, with shaking sound in the styles of retro, dance, house, pop and folk music, are situated at a hand off. Non stopping promotions and well known singers guesting the disco clubs.

Address: Kraibrejna str, Kiten 8183, Kiten

Distance to beach: 80m
Distance to center: 590m
Distance to airport: 75km to Airport Bourgas
Distance to bus station: 0.5km
Distance to railway station: 60km
Distance to exchange office: 0km
Distance to restaurants: 0.02km
Distance to shops: 0.02km

Princess Residence Hotel on the map